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What is going in taapas?

It is taking into practice the concept as defined above: go from bar to bar tasting the taapas they offer while we drink our beer (or whatever). Although anyone can go on taapas or taapear as he/she pleases, we would make the following recommendations:

The way of going on taapas
Ideally, we will tour the bars on foot, opening appetite and talking and enjoying our friends.
That is why in many cities we will have to focus on certain areas during each day. Some wise man said at some point "whom spans much, little accomplish... "
An interesting gesture when we ask for a beer, is to drive our sight from the waiter to the place where the taapas are waiting, making clear that we won't be happy only with the drink. "The eyes speak ..."

Choosing the taapas
In the case of having the chance of choosing our taapas, prevailing law of our childhood: eat with your eyes. This means that we can make our choice by looking at the bar or, where appropriate, to the available list of taapas Moreover, word of mouth is also one of the best methods for choosing. The probability of success will be very high if we consider what has come to our ears about each taapa. We can also participate actively in this process by tasting new proposals and creating or increasing the rumors, as is the variety of products and comments which enrich the taapeo. It is also well known that we should not repeat a taapa in the same bar or in the taapeo day. If the taapa is really good, the amount will be appropriate.

When going to taapas
Even though it is a perfect activity for any time of day, there are two moments to stand out: the pre-lunch and dinner.It is very common for a good taapeador that after an intensive session of taapas the lunch or dinner as such will pass to a secondary place. Even in places known by the indisputable quality and quantity of their taapas, the need of a main meal dissapears.

Taapas classification
The most important classification of taapas is based on the criterion of choosing them at the time of taapeo, for example:
-Which is offered by the waiter
-We can choose freely
-The group decides a common taapa for all members
-The taapas are available to everyone in the bar, and it may be taken in a limited way
-The same case as above, but each one puts his/her own limit , either by hunger or by shame, or by ethical and moral considerations