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Taapa definition

Taapa is a word that arises from the need to clarify the confusion generated historically by other terms, such as “tapa”, “pincho”, “aperitivo” and so on.

We define taapa as the accompaniment that is served in bars (taverns, restaurants, and any other of the same nature) in addition to the previously ordered drink (usually a beer of 20 cl, called ‘caña’ in Spain) and free of charge or, at least, without increasing substantially the price of the drink

Although there will always be special cases, it is clear that is not accepted as taapa anything that has to be paid apart from the drink. Nor it won't be considered authentic taapeo in which the price of the drink looks to include the cost of the taapa. Nowadays, in 2010, a good price to pay for a beer with "taapa/s" is 1,70 €